Friday, September 23, 2016

Nestled amid the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Charlottesville and the broader Albermarle region represent a thriving community that is both boldly innovative and grounded in rich tradition. Home to the University of Virginia, the city offers a unique mix of arts, culture and innovation that led Entrepreneur Magazine to recently name Charlottesville the fourth best place for entrepreneurs in the country.

During the Virginia Velocity Tour’s stop in Charlottesville, we'll showcase one of Central Virginia's key industries: food and agriculture. With its pioneering producers, innovative distributors, and engaged community, Charlottesville has been a leader in reshaping how people interact with food. Considered alongside the region’s leadership in other industries like biotech, web design and online education, it’s no surprise that Charlottesville has been getting a lot of attention.

Tour Schedule: Charlottesville 9/23

Only events with an RSVP link are open to the public. All other events are invite-only.
  • Welcome Breakfast at Montpelier

    8:00-10:30 am

    hosted by Montpelier

    A breakfast session at Montpelier, the home of President James Madison, will feature remarks from innovative farmer Joel Salatin and entrepreneur Lyons Brown, as well as a panel on policy to support healthy food and sustainable agriculture. This event is invite-only.

  • Startup Crawl: Relay Foods

    11:30 am -12:15 pm

    hosted by

    Relay Foods is an online grocery store and delivery service that largely sources its food from local sources.

  • Lunch at UVA i.Lab

    12:30-2:00 pm

    hosted by i.Lab at UVA

    A lunch at UVA's i.Lab will convene business and civic leaders to discuss the strategic plan for growing Charlottesville’s startup ecosystem. This event is invite-only.

  • Startup Crawl: Local Food Hub

    2:30-3:15 pm

    hosted by The Haven

    Local Food Hub is a nonprofit that partners with Virginia farmers to increase community access to local food. They provide the support services, education, infrastructure, and market opportunities that connect people with food grown close to home.

  • Startup Crawl: Champion Brewing Company

    3:30-4:15 pm

    hosted by Champion Brewing Company

    "The mission of Champion Brewing Company is to create and share beers that move us in the same way our favorite records do." How's that for a mission statement?

  • The Charlottesville Pitch Competition


    hosted by The Haven

    Six finalists in the fields of food and agriculture will pitch on stage at The Haven for the chance to win $25,000.

    RSVP Here →

  • Tomtoberfest: Fall Block Party & Tech Mixer

    5:00 - 11:00 pm (Pitch competition will let out directly onto the festival at 6:00 pm)

    hosted by Tom Tom Founders Festival

    The 5th Annual Tomtoberfest concludes the Velocity Tour with over 90 technology and innovation firms mixing and recruiting amidst a massive craft beer garden and free concert series.


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